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By Gavin | July 30, 2019

I'm going to show you a quick post on the tracked account on the other end here in terrarium TV. I showed you the website part of it, now I'm going to show you actually how it works in terrariums.

It's a fresh install terrarium, we're going to allow cyber step, anyone, say you uninstalled your terrarium, and you happen to restore or back restore me, does not give you the option to resources, restore failed.


Use your traffic account to get all your stuff back

Use your traffic account, get all your stuff back, all your favorite movies and TV shows. What you do is go left, hit the three lines, go settings. Now in settings, you need to crown TC your track, you go log in, tract accountant on your phone or a computer, you go to track that TV forward-slashes activate.

That's what I showed you last time were you going to put those back code in, so soon as you log in till your tracks going to give you those that code there, you put that into your tracked activate, which is what I'm doing right now on my phone.

TV tracked to you as authorized

As soon as I continue, it asked me on my phone allow trim TP to your account, you hit yes, and it says that device is now connected. You'll see it says TV tracked to you as authorized, down here and it shows that I'm logged in right there.


Then what you do from here is you go back, go to your favorite section and you'll see it, there's nothing in here. You go up to the right top right and that little arrow right here, you just click that, and what's to know, he shows entities in TV, you can do this with more TV, I believe T TV.

There's a couple of other Apk, the movie apps that you can think, you're trying to count up to you, so you can see it put all my favorite TV shows, all my movies.

A quick fix for not pulling up the poster

Now the only thing is sometimes it doesn't pull up the poster, I'm trying to find a quick fix, but what I found and I know it's kind of a pain, but most the time I don't even mess with it because I can see the name.

But if you click on it like say click on 21 Jump Street right there, you go over, and you just go unfavorite, and then fade right back, then you hit back it pulls the poster back up, usually, it does post not. So I just reloaded the track collection up there, see if you're working.

Sometimes if you back out of it and go back in, it'll pull up more posters or if you do that again up there it might pull some more posters up on there, but otherwise, I mean all my favorites are in here.

That's all I'm worried about, there you go, I'll I suggest it there are both ways to show you how it works on the website and inside to area.

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