How to Use Trakt TV Account

By Gavin | August 17, 2018

Once you have that trakt account set up, you need to add it to your add-ons, you'll be able to add it to exodus prime wire or exodus salts, and velocity prime wire doesn't use track, you can just favorite things, just right within the add-on, personally I use Exodus 99.9% of the time, because I think it's the best one out there, but Exodus pro-Morris also in velocity all do the base, basic same function.

To add it to it, first, you look at Exodus, you would go down to tools, settings accounts, and then authorize track, as you can see, mines already set up in there, years would be blank, you click on that, it'll walk you through, you go to a URL, input some information, good to go, and it's all ready to use, so I accept prom wire, won't have tracked, but salts and velocity both will, for example, assaults, you go in there, you go settings, and then authorize salts to access my track TV once again, it would send you to a URL and you would authorize it with velocity, basically the same thing get in there, you've got track settings, so you go in there, put in your information, and then you would over here, yours would say authorize tracked and so you'd select that authorize it, and then you're good to go, and then it'll have them on, then there show you what it looks like, for example, in my Exodus account, if I go down and to access that, I would go to my lists and then it brings up tracked collection, which is movies and track TV collection, which is TV.

For example, you select it, and as you can see, it brings up your account, everything that you have favorite it in there, and I mean you're talking about as many of them as you want, there's no limit to the number of shows, that you can put in your tracked account and all quite, honestly, I have not found a show yet that wasn't out there, that I could put on anything from television shows, from the beginning of the start of TV, all the way to the most recent, and so it's very easy to show you how to put it in there, let's just go back and let's just look at, just say TV shows, we'll just say most popular, and if at any time, it's in list mode, and you want to put in that thumbnail mode or media mode, just press your navigation button to the left, and we'll bring up this, so then you're in there that thumbnail.

Let's see if I can find one that I don't have in there, let's see the 100, so you go there, you press that menu button, once again this, the button with three lines, go track manager, and then you go add to collection, and once you've added it, then it goes into that favorites folder, and you can easily access it after that works the exact same way with movies.