How to Set Up Trakt TV With Covenant on Kodi

By Gavin | August 17, 2018

We're going to be taking a look at trakt TV, which allows you to easily organize and trakt all of your favorite movies and TV shows on the Kodi Adam covenant. The main thing I want to focus on today with tract is creating your own list.

Now this is the main thing, you can create your own list right here on the website on trakt TV, and that will allow you to view all of your shows in order on covenant, you can edit these lists here as you wish, and you can also mark them as watch it or not watch, just to keep everything categorized correctly.

Once you have the account set up, what you need to do is go up to the far right here to your username, and scroll down to lists, now from here you can see that you have a watch list, this is a default list, anything that you watch here will be removed, so the main list we want to focus on is your own list here, and you can create this by selecting add list from the top menu here.

Now what all we need to do is click into the list, and you can see all of the TV shows, that I would like to appear in the covenant, now they will show under my list on covenant

If you feel like you want to add a new show to your collection, then you can select TV at the top here, and you will be brought to the trending page, once you're on the trending page, here you can simply select on the blue icon to add to list, and then select whatever you've called it, in this case, I called in my TV shows, that has been added, and it will now appear in covenant. When I go to my lists, so it's as easy as that.

Let's head over to covenant and show you just how easy it is to get the trakt to add unauthorized No, the first thing we need to do, once we're back here and Kodi is going to the add-ons section, here on the left-hand side, and go to covenant, if you haven't installed covenant already, then check out my previous demo.

I'll have a link at the top of the screen right now, and you can go back there and see an easy guide on how to install covenant un-coding, so let's open up covenant, the first thing we want to go to is tools, and then we want to go to the very bottom of the screen, where we see trakt to authorize, so what we need to do now is head to the URL here, trakt TV/activate, I want you to take note of this code in a notepad or on your phone or whatever, just take note of that, first of all, because you're going to need to paste that code in, what we have to do here is paste the code that we received in Kodi or in covenant, should I say press Continue, allow covenant to use your account? Yes, indeed, select yes and now your advice is connected, and will automatically refresh in a few seconds time.

Let's head back over the covenant, again as you can see, covenant is now authorized with my trakt account, as you can see, my username here, so let's back up and see exactly how this works, so we want to firstly open covenant again, and we want to head to my TV shows, and from here we want to go through TV show lists, and we go to my TV shows, so here it is all the TV shows that we're trakting on trakt TV, you can keep adding to the list and tailoring it to your liking, but it is the most useful thing that I've come across so far when wanting to keep a catalogue of all of your TV shows and movies on covenant. I hope you enjoyed this.