How to Install and Setup TRAKT for KODI Must Have Addon

By Gavin | March 05, 2019

I'm going to talk to you a little bit about the trap add-on that you can get inside of Kodi and other devices now. What Trakt does? It does something called squabbling.

As you can see on the screen, it does it, anything you watch inside of Kodi or other devices that compatible it will save what you're watching, so if you're watching a movie or if you're watching especially a TV series it will remember exactly what TV episode you've got to. You never have to watch the same one again when you go back to it weeks or months later, it just remembers it all for you.

For example, when you're inside of Kodi and you can see all the ticks down the side, what it does if you ever install a build or if you partner up or build on or if some are gone with Cody, and you've had to put a fresh install on. What you do is when you are put in your tracked account it's going to remember everything that you've watched and put them ticks beside again. so you never get confused with what you've been watching.

Also as you can see, here's my profile page. Now if you go ahead and go on to track.TV, and create your free account, yours will look something like this when it's done. Obviously, I've only just done this as well for the sake of the post, but if we go down, it tells me what I want to watch, of what I put in my watch list. It'll also tell me what I've been watching, how long I've been watching it for, and it just keeps it all together in this nice little package, all on the internet for you.

Honestly, I think this is a godsend especially for people that like to change their builds regularly, if people update in theirs and keep an edible today quite regularly like I do, this is going to be a perfect add-on for you.

Let's go ahead and install it. The first thing you need to do is you need to create your free Trakt account, so just go to Trakt.TV and just create your free account. It's as simple as that, now once you've created your free account, leave this running and you need to go down to Kody, so you need to go into the system into add-ons, you need to install from the repository and you go into the Kodi add-on repository. Now, this should be in every single Kodi device, because it comes pre-installed with Kody.

Open that, we want to go into program add-ons and we want to select track, go ahead and install, now it's installed, what you need to do is go into it, press Enter and you need to configure, go across and select how do i authorize a track account, and it's going to load up with this with a code. Now your code is going to be different than mine, so what you need to do is you just write that down go into this.

Here it's trapped.TV/activate, and you put in the code it just gave you, so I'll put in my one for an example, so that's one it just gave me, that it's asking me to authorize and allow track to use Kodi, click yes, and there it is, that's done.

I go back into my profile now and I think that I'm watching on, Kody will now be saved all into this brilliant add-on like I said it's just going to keep everything nice simple clean.